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City, Location Name

Alamo City San Antonio, Texas
America's Most Historic City Charleston, South Carolina
Athens of America Boston, Massachusetts
Beantown Boston, Massachusetts
Beehive of Industry Providence, Rhode Island
Big Apple New York, New York
Big D Dallas, Texas
Big Easy New Orleans, Louisiana
Big Town Chicago, Illinois
Birmingham of America, The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Birthplace of Aviation Dayton, Ohio
Birthplace of Baseball Cooperstown, New York
Bison City Buffalo, New York
Bluff City Memphis, Tennessee
Border Town Rye, New York
Boystown West Hollywood, California
Brass City Waterbury, Connecticut
Brick City Newark, New Jersey
Brick City Ocala, Florida
Bride of the Sea Venice, Italy
Cabbage Patch, The Victoria, Australia
Capital City Washington D.C.
Capital of the World, The New York, New York
Celery City Kalamazoo, Michigan
Cement City Allentown, Pennsylvania
Charm City Baltimore, Maryland
Chimneyville Jackson, Mississippi
City of Angels Los Angeles, California
City of Beautiful Churches Louisville, Kentucky
City of Brotherly Love, The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
City of David Jerusalem
City of Firsts Kokomo, Indiana
City of Five Flags Mobile, Alabama
City of Flowers and Sunshine Los Angeles, California
City of Kind Hearts, The Boston, Massachusetts
City of Light Paris, France
City of Lillies, The Florence, Italy
City of Medicine Durham, North Carolina
City of Saints, The Montreal, Canada
City of the Plains Denver, Colorado
City of the Seven Hills, The Rome
City of Witches Salem, Massachusetts
Convention City Denver, Colorado
Copper City Butte, Montana
Corn City Toledo, Ohio
Crabtown Annapolis, Maryland
Cradle of Aviation Hammondsport, New York
Cradle of Liberty, The Boston, Massachusetts
Cream City Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Crescent City New Orleans, Louisiana
Dogwood City Atlanta, Georgia
Electric City Scranton, Pennsylvania
Elm City New Haven, Connecticut
Emerald City Seattle, Washington
Emerald City Wichita, Kansas
Empire City New York, New York
Eternal City, The Rome
Falls City Louisville, Kentucky
Flour City Buffalo, New York
Flour City Minneapolis, Minnesota
Four Lake City Madison, Wisconsin
Fountain City, The Byran, Ohio
Garden City Savannah, Georgia
Gate City of the South Atlanta, Georgia
Gateway City, The St. Louis, Missouri
Gem, The Erie, Pennsylvania
Gibraltar of America, The Vicksburg, Mississippi
Glitter Gulch downtown Las Vegas, Nevada
Golden City, The Prague, Czech Republic
Golden Gate City, The San Francisco, California
Good Life City Albany, Georgia
Gotham New York, New York
Granite City, The Aberdeen, Scotland
Graveyard of the Atlantic, The Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
Heart of America Kansas City, Kansas
Hill City Portland, Maine
Hog Butcher for the World Chicago, Illinois
Hornets Nest Charlotte, North Carolina
Icebox of the United States, The International Falls, Minnesota
Iron City Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Kodak City Rochester, New York
Little Cuba Miami, Florida
Luminous City Banaras, India
Magic City Miami, Florida
Magnolia City Houston, Texas
Melting Pot, The New York, New York
Mile High City, The Denver, Colorado
Mission City San Antonio, Texas
Mistake on the Lake Cleveland, Ohio
Monument City Baltimore, Maryland
Motor City Detroit, Michigan
Motown Detroit, Michigan
Music City Nashville, Tennessee
Nail City Wheeling, West Virginia
Orchid City Dipolog City, Philippines
Orchid City Medellin, Columbia
Orchid City Moyobamba, Peru
Orchid City Shah Alam, Malaysia
Orchid City West Palm Beach, Florida
Palmetto City Charleston, South Carolina
Pearl of the Danube, The Budapest, Hungary
Pearl of the Orient Manila, Philippines
Phoenix City Chicago, Illinois
Plymouth of the West, The San Diego, California
Puritan City Boston, Massachusetts
Queen City Cincinnati, Ohio
Queen City Charlotte, North Carolina
Queen City Denver, Colorado
Queen City Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Railroad City Indianapolis, Indiana
Rebel Capital Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Renaissance City Newark, New Jersey
River City Sacramento, California
Rubber City Akron, Ohio
Salt Syracuse, New York
Second City Chicago, Illinois
Shaky Town San Francisco, California
Sin City Las Vegas, Nevada
Snapshot City Rochester, New York
Spa City Saratoga Springs, New York
Square Mile, The London, England
Steel City Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Tinseltown Hollywood, California
Venice of the East Bangkok, Thailand
Venice of the North Bruges, Belgium
Venice of the North Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Venice of the North Stockholm, Sweden
Windy City Chicago, Illinois

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