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26. Those British are sophisticated people, in almost everything except their choice of coffee. They still drink instant ten-to-one over fresh brewed.

27. Japan ranks Number 3 in the world for coffee consumption.

28. In Japan, coffee shops are called Kissaten.

29. Over 10,000 coffee cafes plus several thousand vending machines with both hot and cold coffee serve the needs of Tokyo alone.

30. For reducing wrinkles and improving their skin, the Japanese have been known to bathe in coffee grounds fermented with pineapple pulp.

31. The world can be divided into nations of coffee drinkers and nations of tea drinkers.

32. The average annual coffee consumption of the American adult is 26.7 gallons, or over 400 cups.

33. In 1990, over 4 billion dollars of coffee was imported into the United States.

34. Coffee is the most popular beverage worldwide with over 400 billion cups consumed each year.

35. Coffee, as a world commodity, is second only to oil.

36. Only about 20% of harvested coffee beans are considered to be a premium bean of the highest quality.

37. The Arabica is the original coffee plant. It still grows wild in Ethiopia.

38. The 2,000 Arabica coffee cherries it takes to make a roasted pound of coffee are normally picked by hand as they ripen. Since each cherry contains two beans, it takes about 4,000 Arabica beans to make a pound of roasted coffee.

39. Coffee sacks are usually made of hemp and weigh approximately 132 pounds when they are full of green coffee beans. It takes over 600,000 beans to fill a coffee sack.

40.Until the late 1800's, people roasted their coffee at home. Popcorn poppers and stove-top frying pans were favored.

41. Citrus has been added to coffee for several hundred years.

42. The Europeans first added chocolate to their coffee in the 1600's.

43. Frederick the great had his coffee made with champagne and a bit of mustard.

44. In the year 1809, Meslitta Bentz made a filter out of her son's notebook paper, thus inventing the world's first drip coffee maker.

45. Our sense of smell, more than any of our other senses, makes our final judgement on coffee.

46. Coffee, along with beer and peanut butter, is on the national list of the "ten most recognizable odors."

47. Coffee lends its popularity to the fact that just about all flavors mix well with it.

48. Nomadic tribes preserved the coffee cherries to transport them long distances.

49. A four verse poem to coffee was written in Mecca in 1511. It was one of the first.

50. It was the early 1400's, and with alcohol forbidden by the Koran, coffee soon became the replacement beverage.

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