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1. This driver spends time in the family's marine business when's he's not racing.

2. This driver has two second-place finishes to his credit. One was the closest in race history.

3. This driver set the current records for qualifying but did not sit on the front row the year he set the marks. Name the driver and year.

4. This driver won the first Indy Racing League race ever run and is studying for a master's degree at Northwestern University.

5. This driver was 22 when he won the 500, making him the youngest winner of the race.

6. The oldest winner of the race has won the event more than once. Name that driver.

7. A.J. Foyt has won the race four times. His last victory came in what year?

8. The last two rookies of the year have driven for the same team which is ?

9. This driver has a car dealership in nearby Danville and was married earlier in the spring after a race in Phoenix.

10. This driver was on the pole in 1998 and attended Arizona State on an academic scholarship.

11. This driver from Illinois twice has won the Sumar 100 at The Terre Haute Action Track.

12.This graduate of Terre Haute South High School and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is director of engineering and construction at the Speedway.

13. Winner of the 1998 Indy Racing League series title, this driver competes for Foyt Racing.

14. The oldest rookie in the history of the 500 competed in the 1998 race.

15. This driver shared rookie-of-the-year honors with Rick Mears in 1978. His son now competes in short-track races.

16. The 1994 rookie of the year went on to win the race before moving to Formula One.

17. Six rookies have won the race including Ray Harroun in 1911. Name the last one to do it and the year.

18. The father of one of this year's drivers, this man was the first officially to hit 190 mph in qualifying action.

19. This driver competes in marathon races when he's not behind the wheel of his car.

20. One engine was in the winning car for 27 cars. Name the name of that engine.


1. Greg Ray

2. Scott Goodyear

3. Arie Luyendyk, 1996

4. Buzz Calkins

5. Troy Ruttman

6. Al Unser Sr.

7. 1977

8. ISM Racing

9. Robbie Buhl

10. Billy Boat

11. Donnie Beechler

12. Kevin Forbes

13. Kenny Brack

14. Jack Hewitt

15. Larry Rice

16. Jacques Villeneuve

17. Graham Hill, 1996

18. Bobby Unser

19. Stephan Gregoire

20. Offenhauser

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