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51. Finely grinding coffee beans and boiling them in water is still known as "Turkish Coffee." It is still made this way today in Turkey and Greece or anywhere else Turkish Coffee is served.

52. In the 14th century, the Arabs started to cultivate coffee plants. The first commercially grown and harvested coffee originated in the Arabian Peninsula near the port of Mocha.

53. In 1554 in Constantinople, two coffeehouses opened. They did very well. Soon there were many.

54. By 1600 A.D., coffee drinking had come to the Orient. It soon became very popular.

55. The Venetians first introduced coffee to Europe in 1615.

56. Lloyd's of London began as Edward Lloyd's coffeehouse.

57. It was during the 1600's that the first coffee mill made its debut in London.

58. In 1670, Dorothy Jones of Boston was granted a license to sell coffee, and so became the first American coffee trader.

59. William Penn purchased a pound of coffee in New York in 1683 for $4.68.

60. Adding sugar to coffee is believed to have started in 1715, in the court of King Louis XIV, the French monarch.

61. The year was 1716 when Venetian coffee shop merchants began distributing leaflets exalting their new product: coffee. This may be the first example of advertising for coffee shops.

62. In 1727, as a result of seedlings smuggled from Paris, coffee plants first were cultivated in Brazil. Brazil is presently by far the world's largest producer of coffee.

63. Before the first French cafe in the late 1700's, coffee was sold by street vendors in Europe, in the Arab fashion. The Arabs were the forerunners of the sidewalk espresso carts of today.

64. The vacuum pack, invented in 1898, made it possible to preserve roasted coffee. Preserved coffee, though, not fresh coffee.

65. Espresso is to Italy what champagne is to France.

66. The French philosopher, Voltaire, reportedly drank fifty cups of coffee a day.

67. Retail espresso vendors report an increase in decaffeinated sales in the month of January due to New Year's resolutions to decrease caffeine intake.

68. Scandinavia has the world's highest per capita annual coffee consumption, 26.4 pounds. Italy has an annual consumption per capita of only 10 pounds.

69. The modern day espresso street vending cart evolved from a Boeing Company shuttle cart, purchased from surplus, and was first utilized to serve people espresso at an arts and crafts fair in Edmonds, Washington.

70. Coffee trees are evergreen and grow to heights above 15 feet but are normally pruned to around 8 feet in order to facilitate harvesting.

71. Coffee trees produce highly aromatic, short-lived flowers producing a scent between jasmine and orange. These blossoms produce cranberry-sized coffee cherries. It takes four to five years to yield a commercial harvest.

72. Coffee beans are similar to grapes that produce wine in that they are affected by the temperature, soil conditions, altitude, rainfall, drainage and degree of ripeness when picked.

73. Brazil accounts for almost 1/3 of the world's coffee production, producing over 3-1/3 billion pounds of coffee each year.

74. Coffee is grown commercially in over forty-five countries throughout the world.

75. Hawaii is the only state of the United States in which coffee is commercially grown.

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